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John Shelton

John Shelton’s work emphasizes both natural and manmade elements, separate or together, exploring connection, relationships, and drawing attention to the depth and power of his subjects, isolating their importance within the moment.  Using the tools of perspective and illumination, his imagery highlights the textures, patterns, lines, and layers within, while presenting strong contrasts and rich complementary hues throughout. Whether in color or grayscale, his work evokes mood, serenity, solitude, and even an ethereal quality that brings added depth, beauty, and meaning to a thing, place, or situation.

As a 35-year arts administrator, Shelton has the privilege of experiencing countless beautiful, as well as disturbing, insightful perspectives represented by the artists he works with, raising questions about a broader social context that explores how all the pieces fit together. Shelton resides in Estes Park, Colorado, and is a frequent traveler nationally and internationally.

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