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Susan Moldenhauer

Moldenhauer’s photographic work has used the landscape as its foundational element to explore light and darkness, time and place, and the poetic symmetry of the moment. Her work is personal, exploring image-making in project-based series that have spanned square, panorama, pinhole, and digital formats. Her most recent series has been an effort to reconcile the national, global, and personal challenges of the last 6+ years. Her approach has always been one of composing at the moment of exposure and transforming the image into a fine art print.

In addition, Moldenhauer has worked in collaboration with other women artists. Image conversations with photographer Jennifer Anne Tucker have included exploring image-making using fabrics with both being photographer and model for the other. Current exchanges explore a visual dialogue or Pennsylvania and Wyoming skies. She is also a part of Sequencing Through Time and Place, a creative collaboration with artist Wendy Lemen Bredehoft and dancer/choreographer Margaret Wilson that has explored place through on-location research in visual art, dance/choreography, and photography.

Moldenhauer received her BFA in printmaking from Northern Illinois University and her MFA in photography from Penn State. She retired in 2017 from 33 years in arts administration, curation, and community arts advocacy. Her photographic practice continued throughout that time as she now devotes her focus on her studio practice. She lives and works in Laramie, WY.

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