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Michael Trupiano

As his art evolved from purely representational to more thematic work he began exploring in-camera movements, multiple and long exposures, pin-hole, zone-plate, and photo-montage; basically any tool available to realize his vision.  Michael is interested in how light, both manmade, sunlight, and moonlight — individually or in combination — change the nature of the object being photographed.  He is also interested in how our memory of a place effects our feelings about his images.  As a result his images evoke a feeling of both something known and something unfamiliar.  More and more the objects are reduced to not what they are but how they affect the light around them.  And as a result how we perceive the world around us.

The work is not complete until a master print is created.  While viewing images on line represent that overwhelming majority of how images are consumed today Michael feels strongly in the physical print either through a book, a portfolio, or framed on a wall.  In order to complete the work started in camera through post-production Michael now works in platinum / palladium, gum over platinum / palladium, carbon transfer, polymer gravure, and pigment ink printing. 

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