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Ward Russell
Ward Russell.jpeg

Ward Russell’s photography tends to be mostly that of a black and white street photographer, with a bent for Social Commentary. His passion is to explore the many varied cultures and countries of the world.  While not adverse to taking a colorful pretty picture, he is much more interested in observing and recording people and what is unique in their culture and environment. He isn’t necessarily interested in changing one’s viewpoint, but rather just pointing out things that are different from his own experience. He prefers to let viewers decide for themselves, what, if anything, is right, wrong, or just interesting about the subject of the photograph.

Russell’s years as a Hollywood Cinematographer have trained his eye and his reaction time to see the unusual, pick a properly lit background, compose, and expose the shot, all before the magic moment has disappeared. He used to take hundreds of frames to tell a story, now he does it in one.

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