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Ron Johnson

Fractions of time. Fractions of place. Fractions of life. Click!

Following a 40 year career as an architectural photographer, I have returned to what first attracted me to photography. The black and white fine art image – particularly, landscape and elements within the landscape. Today I use a digital camera, computer, and archival printer much as I once used a view camera and darkroom. Each image is carefully composed and printed.


These images are not intended to convey any commentary on the social, cultural, or political state of the world in which we find ourselves, nor are they about the process used to create them. They are about light and form, and seeing, not merely looking at the world. As artists, we are compelled to share parts of our lives and perceptions through the images we create. Some of our efforts may end up lost or forgotten. A few may strike a chord in others. Perhaps we all, in one way or another, want to ask ‘Do you see and hear the things I do? Am I alone?

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